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Oliver was born in London in 1990. From the age of six, he began to learn the piano and move up the grades. However, after receiving a keyboard at the age of 10, he quickly discovered his passion for composition, and began writing a variety of songs using its built-in multi-track system. Throughout his early teens this passion continued, and Oliver continued to compose in many different styles, ranging from solo piano works and pop songs, to orchestral and electronic scores. He also became interested in dance music, becoming an amateur trance DJ.


Oliver passed his grade 8 piano in 2008 and pursued his passion for music and composition, studying at The University Of York for a BA Honours in music. He gained invaluable experience in composition, taking as many projects as possible in this field. In 2012 he wrote, recorded and performed on an album (titled ‘Silhouettes’), as well as workshopping contemporary works for the ensemble Black Hair. Whilst at York, he collaborated with a fellow music student, James Long, forming the company Royola Ltd. Howlett went on to graduate from York with upper second class honours.

Oliver graduated from an MA course in Composition for Film & TV at The University of Bristol with distinction, writing for a variety of styles and for many types of media, drawing on his experience in both the electronic and acoustic realm. His showreel music for established film production company Icon Films was selected to be premiered on their website in summer 2013.


Oliver is currently assisting Oscar-winning film composer, Gabriel Yared.


“ Oliver’s attention to detail put him in good stance to produce work to the standard required, while keeping to given deadlines and taking direction in a professional manner at all times. His bold artistic and technical skills were evident throughout this collaborative project and I would not hesitate to employ him for future productions. ”


– Tom Barth (Director - Oceans In Peril)

“ This is remarkably well scored in its detail to picture and overall conception. There's a good sense of pace throughout with some well-managed shifts, plenty of variety musically, and your sound design elements are well judged and mixed with the music.”


– William Goodchild (Film & Television Composer)

“ Very good attention to narrative and visual structure with thematic material that arcs well over the whole sequence.”


– Martin Kiszko (Film & Television Composer)
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